"I am pleased to say that our ongoing professional relationship with the above remains positive and productive. We, as a council, have taken the need for greater social and environmental sustainability very seriously and require our suppliers and partners to meet strict requirements to demonstrate greater sustainability relating to services and events provided.

We have seen that to date J.A Conner Events has taken marked steps to adopt sustainable practices in terms of ensuring events in our town centre are plastic free and that we source local producers and providers. J.A Conner Events has also found environmentally sustainable solutions for event toilet facilities."

Pete Turner

Town Clerk, Macclesfield Town Council

“I have been working with J.A.Conner Events since the launch of my picture framing business in 2015. Their flexible, welcoming and supportive approach to running their events helped enormously in those first months, giving me a platform on which to develop and trial various ideas. The contacts that I was introduced to early on remain very important to my business as it grows, and our mutual cooperation benefits all of us. The events are very well organised and delivered, while maintaining a casual and relaxed atmosphere.” Wes Gilford, The Gallery @home framing, Whitchurch

“I have known J.A.Conner Events for some time now. Much work and organisation goes into well run events - I know this having done this myself. They are very professional in their approach to advertising a forthcoming event, diligent in attracting the appropriate mix of traders, and thorough in their research of what makes a successful event for both traders and customers. No stone is left unturned! Their events not only attract local people but, because of their promotional work and pleasant on-the-day atmosphere, people from outside the locality thereby increasing the probability of the customers' return at a future successful event date.” John Parker (Match of My Day)

There is no better referral than that which has been given by a satisfied customer.